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Renewable Energy Capacity Grows At Fastest Ever Pace

Green technologies now produce 22% of world’s electricity.

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Big Power Out, Solar In: UBS Urges Investors To Join Renewables Revolution

World’s largest private bank predicts large-scale power stations will soon make way for electric cars and new solar technologies.

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10 Ways To Renovate Sustainably

From sun tunnels to wood burners, here are a some small-scale, energy saving ideas for sustainable renovation, inspired by some of Britain’s superhomes Insulate your home and boost biodiversity of your garden at the same time with a green roof. Flooring Reclaimed wooden boards have obvious eco-credentials and the added benefit of being pre-seasoned, so […]

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Energy Suppliers Are ‘Duty Bound’ To Sell At The Highest Price

The head of the UK Demand Response Association says there’s a better way to organise our confusing energy market.