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Tuesday December 9th 2014

According to The Daily Telegraph, a debate triggered by UKIP at Westminster Hall on Wednesday will be discussing something of immediate concern to thousands of people up and down the country: energy bills.

With the colder weather approaching people are having to turn up the heating, and many are discovering how costly energy bills have become. According to consumer group Which?, household energy bills rose by over a half between 2003 and 2012, from £790 to £1,200 a year.

The Daily Telegraph note that people in Britain have come to believe that rising energy bills are a fact of life – except there’s nothing inevitable about higher energy prices.

In North America, the solar and shale gas revolutions across the Atlantic have pushed down the price of energy, and triggered an industrial revival. Meanwhile households in Essex, England paid over 50 % more to heat and light their home this year.

The Daily Telegraph argue that the cause of this are the rules that govern the energy market. The national newspaper argues that, instead of an honest energy market where producers compete to supply customers, UK energy producers have to generate energy to comply with quotas.

The Westminster parties both agree that there is a need to impose renewable targets.