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Coal Under River Forth Could Ease Energy Crisis

Tuesday November 11th 2014

OIL tycoon, John Gordon ‘Algy’ Cluff, has announced plans to set fire to millions of tons of coal under Scotland’s seabed in order to tackle the country’s impending energy crisis.

Cluff wishes to burn coal seams in the Firth of Forth to produce enough gas to power millions of homes and has already secured eight underground coal gasification (UCG) licenses.

The tycoon, who believe that the plan could produce enough gas to fuel Britain cheaply for hundreds of years, says:

“Development of UCG at the Kincardine Licence Area would result in the creation of jobs, help protect existing industry and create significant supply chain benefits.

“The emerging UCG industry has a significant role to play in unlocking the UK’s most abundant indigenous energy resource which, with the imminent closure of the last deep coal mines, is now otherwise effectively beyond reach.” 

He added: “We believe UCG will help provide a cleaner energy, diversity of supply and energy security for the UK, and we look forward to updating the market on our developments at our Kincardine Licence area with respect to this.” 

The process would involve drilling two separate boreholes into coal seams using technology which has been developed by the oil and gas industry. Oxygen is then pumped into the holes and the coal is heated by fire to create syngas, and brought to the surface through a third drill hole. The gas would be transported directly to residents or a power station to create energy for the National Grid.

The tycoon insists that the technology is safe and will create jobs, however green campaigners argue that the move is “irresponsible”.