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Conservative Party’s Opposition To Wind Farms Risks Jobs

Wednesday November 12th 2014

As new data reveals that 15,400 people are now employed in the wind power industry, the UK’s Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, has warned that the Conservative party’s hostility towards onshore wind turbines poses risks undermining the creation of British jobs.

The data, released by RenewableUK, displays a 70% rise in jobs since 2010 in the wind power industry since 2010, with wind supplying 9% of all UK electricity.

But the Energy Secretary argues that the Conservative party’s “ideological” opposition to onshore wind turbines is undermining new British jobs and that that blocking wind farms would hurt energy bill-payers. Davey comments:

“We have had a major leap forward in recent years and there is a really good story to tell

“But I want to be clear I am having a go at the Conservative party here. It has made it clear onshore wind is something they don’t want to see in the future expansion of low-carbon energy and I think that is undermining investment now and undermining jobs.”

“If you take onshore wind off the table, which we know is the cheapest large-scale renewable, then you are going to increase people’s energy bills.”