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Is The UK’s Energy Infrastructure Worsening Due To Political Uncertainty?

Monday November 3rd 2014

According to a report by City A.M, “British businesses see politicians as more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to improving the UK’s infrastructure, with the vast majority wanting power to be transferred to an independent commission.”

Two surveys, published separately this morning, reveal that Britain’s business leaders are condemning Westminster over the state of Britain’s transport and energy capacities.

First, a poll by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) displays that more than two-thirds of businesses believe the energy infrastructure will worsen over the next five years.

Figures from the CBI survey reveal that 71% of infrastructure providers see political indecision due to the electoral cycle as considerably discouraging investment.

Consequently, 89% of firms wish to see an independent infrastructure body introduced which would be less troubled about the electoral cycle.

The second survey, which was published by manufacturers’ organisation EEF, also supports the creation of a permanent UK infrastructure authority.

According to Terry Scuoler, EEF Chief Executive, “These results highlight widespread concern that the quality of business critical infrastructure is declining rather than improving, with the deterioration of the road network of particular concern.”