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National Gallery Becomes Energy Efficient

Tuesday November 18th 2014

Although London’s National Gallery is almost 200 years old, that hasn’t stopped it from installing the latest in green technology.

The National Gallery has installed new LED lighting and a smart digital control system in an attempt to protect the infamous works of Holbein, Da Vinci, Monet and Van Gough from harmful UV rays.

The new instalment is expected the save the National Gallery roughly £53,000 a year on its energy bills, on top of £36,000 in reduced maintenance costs. It is also expected to slash the gallery’s lighting costs by 85%. Overall, it is hoped that the suite of technologies will help the gallery to reach its target of slashing carbon emissions 43% by 2014.

The LiGO technology, supplied by Open Technology, will allow the National Gallery to immediately respond to any changed in the level of light in a given environment.

Steve Van Dyke, Head of Building and Facilities at the National Gallery, says: “With our previous system we could only switch on and off, whereas LiGO has enabled us to progressively dim and bring up light in conjunction with daylight levels.”

Managing Director of Open Technology, Chris Bedford, said that the move marks a growing trend amongst UK businesses in more intelligent lighting systems to save both carbon emissions and money. He said of the technology: “It can respond to the complex and unique needs of their building to create a better environment for staff and visitors.”