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German Energy Use Falls To Lowest Level Since Reunification

Demand for energy in Germany fell by 5% in 2014, research from AG Energiebilanzen has found. The new figures provide encouraging signs that the German government is making a smooth transition to a low carbon energy system. In more detail, German energy use fell to 445.5 million tonnes of coal equivalent this year, a drop […]

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EDF Energy Renewables Sells Stake In Three Uk Wind Farms To CGN

According to Energy Voice, EDF Energy Renewables has sold a majority stake in three of its UK onshore wind farms to China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN).

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Denmark Claims Potentially Energy-Rich Arctic Waters

According to Yahoo! News, ‘Denmark will lay claim to energy-rich but contested territory around the North Pole on Monday by submitting data to the UN which it says demonstrates the area is an extension of its continental shelf.’

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Government Unveils Plans For UK’s First Renewable Energy College

The British Government has announced plans to develop a National College for Wind Energy. This will be the UK’s first further education centre dedicated to renewable energy. According to Business Secretary, Vince Cable, the national college will be based in the Humber area and will provide a ‘hub’ for skills, training and education initiatives. The […]

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Poor Will Need Help Wth Energy Bills

According to the BBC, ‘poor families in the UK will need more help to pay for heating their homes as energy bills rise, government advisors have warned.’ A report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) claims that, by 2030, subsidies for clean energy will add an extra 36p per day onto household bills. The […]