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Support For Renewable Energy Grows

Wednesday November 5th 2014

According to a recent article by Clean Technica, ‘results from the latest public attitudes tracking survey conducted by the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change again show overwhelming support for the country’s renewable energy industry.’

The survey was conducted over several days in face-to-face interviews with a sample of 2,103 UK households.

When respondents were asked whether they “support or oppose the use of renewable energy for providing our electricity, fuel and heat,” the majority responded positively, with 27% of respondents stating that they “strongly support” the decision and a further 51% selecting “support”.

When asked about specific renewable energy technologies, for example wave & tidal, solar, and offshore & onshore wind, the response was again positive, with around 25% “strongly supporting” and 50% “supporting” such technologies.

Respondents’ support of nuclear energy was mixed, with support at 42% and total opposition at 24%.

Director of External Affairs at RenewableUK, Jennifer Webber, comments:

“It’s clear from this independent poll that while public support for wind and marine energy remains rock solid with a two-thirds majority or higher, people are increasingly disenchanted with non-renewable technologies,” she said. “This latest survey should prompt politicians from all parties to sit up and take notice of the majority of the public, who’ve made it clear that they support onshore and offshore wind power”.