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Friday November 14th 2014

Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Secretary Edward Davey recently delivered an annual energy statement to Parliament.

As part of his statement, Davey revealed that record investments of £45 billion in electricity generation and networks, since the year 2010, have put the UK on target to meet its future low carbon requirements.

Davey also said that the average annual investment in renewable electricity has more than doubled under the UK’s current Parliament, with 2013 being a record year for investments in renewables.

Davey added that the renewables investment includes £6.3 billion that has been specifically invested in biomass and bioenergy since 2010. During the first quarter of 2014, 19% of electricity was generated by renewable resources.

A report accompanying Davey’s statement indicates that the U.K. is expected to invest an additional £5.0 billion to £5.9 billion in biomass energy projects through to 2020. This will support up to 14,700 jobs.

Additionally, the report predicts that by 2020 biomass could provide the equivalent of 10% of the nation’s current power supply. This is enough to power approximately 8 million homes.