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Secret Government Report Finds Britain Unprepared For Severe Blackouts

Monday December 29th 2014

According to The Telegraph, a secret Government assessment has found that ‘Britain is unprepared for prolonged blackouts, with increased death rates, rising public disorder and high-risk criminals on the loose among the likely consequences if major energy networks are seriously damaged. ‘

Documents obtained by The Telegraph advocate that the UK’s contingency plans for severe power cuts are based on numerous flawed or untested assumptions and must be revised.

The assessment, which involved officials from all key departments and major industries, examined what would happen if a severe storm knocked out crucial energy infrastructure in south west England.

Results revealed that transport networks would be paralysed and emergency services would struggle to cope, fuel to run backup generators may be inaccessible and the dead may not be buried.

A spokesman for the DECC said: “The Government routinely carries out exercises like this to test response capabilities and ensure we are as prepared as possible for any very high impact emergency situation. The scenario tested here was and continues to be, unlikely to happen, but it is important we do these exercises and learn from them.”