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Trust In Energy Suppliers On The Rise

Thursday November 6th 2014

A new survey from the DECC has revealed that the energy industry’s attempts to rebuild trust with the public could be working.

In its latest tracker survey of more than 2,100 adults, 67% revealed that they trust their energy supplier to provide a breakdown of their bill, an increase of 7% from June this year.

Elsewhere, more than half trust their supplier to provide information of the best tariff available and to give them a fair deal.

According to the survey, carried out in late September, trust in suppliers’ to provide consumers with bills that ‘accurately reflect the energy used’ and providing ‘impartial and accurate’ advice on energy efficiency measures rose to 68% and 54% respectively.

Despite the positive results of the survey, consumer body Which? played down the upturn, saying that while trust has ‘marginally improved’, the energy industry is still one of the least trusted in the UK.

Executive Director Richard Lloyd said: “With three-quarters of consumers worried about their energy bills and only a quarter trusting the industry to act in their best interest, it’s clear big reforms are needed to restore confidence and guarantee fairer prices for consumers.”